Jonathan Hübner und Frank Jankowski betreuen den 3YOURMIND Stand

How to get Garment Bags to Fall into your Hands

Personal impressions from a rather stressful but also insightful “Premium B2B Conference” last week in Stuttgart.

Translation by Brian Crotty.
(German Original)

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to participate in the very first “Digitalization Conference for German SMEs”, — and I owe this to 3YOURMIND. I feel that despite the relatively short time that I have been part of the team as Content Manager, I’ve been entrusted to take part in such a high profile conference, and I consider it an honor.

Regarding VR (Virtual Reality), as presented here by the Munich-based startup “Innoactive”, we talked shop with the product manager Torben Volkwein about how the 3D models that we receive, the digital blueprints that drive additive manufacturing, could eventually repair any quirks using this technology. Photo: IPM/Offenblende

The conference that IPM successfully brought onto the stage (which though small was full of action) offered me a new and inspiring glimpse into the economic and technical impact of our work. From many fruitful presentations and discussions, the most significant one, that keeps coming back to my mind is the one headed by the visionary, charismatic and engaging Dr. Hans Langer. At least for me, the contagious excitement of Hans Langer made it clear how the enormous potential of 3D printing will stand as a figurehead of the new era — the one that no one could have come closer to define in words, “The Era of Digital Industry.”

Yet, I was even more pleased that many leading thinkers, creators, and motors of this revolutionary technology (additive manufacturing) visited our stand and expressed interest in the film material I documented on a small GoPro camera. This included Stefanie Brickwede (Deutsche Bahn / Mobility Goes Additive) who referred to our team as part of her presentation and extended a warm greeting back to our team in Berlin.

The Content Manager and Event Manager from 3YOURMIND. Just 30 years separate the two of them. Nevertheless (or maybe exactly because of this…) a good team. Jonathan Hübner on the right, Frank Jankowski to the left, who with his 55 years represents almost exactly the German “Middle Age”. Photo: 3YOURMIND

That’s the Way I Work

The second enriching point of the event was the collaboration with my colleague Jonathan Hübner. Even though he already had both hands full of work, diligently getting ready for the TCT Show in Birmingham, he didn’t hesitate to jump in and fly to Stuttgart, on the same evening, to perfectly set up our stand. He stayed at the stand with his good energy for two long days so that I got to attend various of these enriching and exciting presentations as well as discussion rounds.

Even when I looked for a space to get a breath while he packed up the stand, Jonathan winked to me smiling, “I would love to help you search, but the courier comes in a just a minute!” As a small thank you for his noble gesture, I promised him one of my redundant business garment bags so that the next time he can leave his loudly colored backpack at home. I’d bet that not even a three-hour-delay of our flight affected Jonathan’s cheerfulness.

For some, their knees would quake when they had to present their products to some of the most influential business leaders in the world (to the right, the patron of the event: Klaus Helmrich, a Member of the Managing Board of Siemens who is responsible for the “Siemens Digital Industry, Process Industries and Drives Division” in Europe and Africa. Jonathan in comparison looks surprisingly relaxed. Photo: IPM/Offenblende

If you also are looking for a garment bag to fall into your hands, or if you simply want to experience the advantages of teamwork with amicable colleagues, join us, join 3YOURMIND.

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